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Construction of concrete pools for vacation rentals

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Construction of swimming pools in Croatia for tourism purposes

The most popular service is the construction of pools intended for tourism. Our tourism pools are pools with a reinforced concrete shell coated with epoxy paint, liner or tiles. For this type of pools, the most common pool coating we use is epoxy paint with a row of tiles in the upper edge of the pool. This is the most optimal solution for this purpose due to the cheaper price of the pool, easy maintenance, durability and attractive appearance.

Pool design  

When designing the elements of the pool shell, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the pool, the location of the facility, the location of the pool, the purpose of the pool, the type of pool finish and other elements.

Our pools for tourism purposes (vacation home rentals) are equipped with standard equipment necessary for the smooth operation of the pool:

  • Skimmers for suction of pool water,
  • Return nozzles, after filtration, return water back to the pool,
  • Floor suction or siphon, serves to ensure the emptying of the pool and to allow easy circulation of pool water on the bottom of the pool shell, thereby reducing the formation of algae and reducing the use of disinfectant,
  • Level regulator, replenishes pool water loss caused by evaporation and splashing,
  • LED pool lights, can be white or colored with the possibility of remote control,
  • Circulation pump with pre-filter for removal of major impurities, calculated based on the dimensions of the pool,
  • Pool filter, used for pool water filtration, is calculated based on the dimensions and purpose of the pool,
  • Filter filling, can be quartz sand, glass, anthracite, etc.
  • Automation for regulating the operation of the circulation pump and pool reflectors,
  • Pipes, valves, fittings, connecting material.
Linerski bazen s bijelom folijom i psom

Swimming pools for vacation rentals

Pool with liner

A pool on Pag 1

Extra equipment and pool accessories

Additional equipment that increases the attractiveness of the pool and equipment that facilitates pool maintenance which can be installed in the pool:

  • Water-air massage nozzles,
  • Countercurrent swimming,
  • Stainless steel waterfall,
  • Geyser with air bubbles,
  • Heating and cooling of pool water,
  • Measurement and dosing of pool water,
  • Automatic pool cover,
  • Other.
Bazen Humac Brač 2

Type of pool finish

When choosing the type of pool, it is important to choose a good solution for the pool finishing layer, which can usually be:

  • Two-component epoxy paint
  • Combination of a row of tiles in the upper edge of the pool (height 20 - 40 cm), and in the lower part two-component epoxy paint
  • Liner in one piece (0.75 mm thick or welded 1.5 mm thick welded foil)
  • Tiles (glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, ceramic tiles of larger dimensions)

Two-component epoxy paint in combination with tiles

Our bestselling pool for tourism purposes is a concrete pool coated with epoxy paint and a row of tiles:

  • Reinforced concrete shell
  • Pool coating made of two-component epoxy paint is both a waterproofing and a top layer that is easy to maintain, does not receive algae and does not create a yellow line
  • Epoxy coating is the most cost-effective pool finish
  • There is no difference in color outside the water and in the water caused by the action of the sun and sunscreen
  • Pool filtration adapted for increased use
  • Lighting inside the pool
  • We recommend taking automatic dosing as an accessory
  • Pool accessories

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