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Available Canadian Spa Swimspa models


  • Dimensions: 4300x2380x1520 mm
  • People: 4
  • Total number of jets: 47
  • Water volume: 8250 L
  • Weight: 1260 kg
  • Weight incl. water: 9510 kg
25.989,78 EUR / 195.820,00 kn


  • Dimensions: 4800x2200x1340 mm
  • People: 6
  • Total number of jets: 35
  • Water volume: 6875 L
  • Weight: 1150 kg
  • Weight incl. water: 8025 kg
  • Swim Spa
23.879,49 EUR / 179.920,02 kn

Nautilus XL

  • Dimensions: 5786x2200x1340 mm
  • People: 6
  • Total number of jets: 81
  • Water volume: 7810 L
  • Weight: 1700 kg
  • Weight incl. water: 9510 kg
29.429,96 EUR / 221.740,03 kn

Mollus XXL

  • Dimensions: 5300x2380x1500 mm
  • People: 6
  • Total number of jets: 33
  • Water volume: 8760 L
  • Weight: 1260 kg
  • Weight incl. water: 10020 kg
28.719,89 EUR / 216.390,01 kn


  • Dimensions: 5800x2200x1390 mm
  • People: 3
  • Total number of jets: 33
  • Water volume: 8125 L
  • Weight: 1460 kg
  • Weight inc. water: 9585 kg
28.320,39 EUR / 213.379,98 kn

Nautilus XXL

  • Dimensions: 5800x2200x1540 mm
  • People: 7
  • Total number of jets: 58
  • Water volume: 9190 L
  • Weight: 1750 kg
  • Weight incl. water: 10940 kg
31.730,04 EUR / 239.069,99 kn
Price incl. VAT.
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Canadian Spa Swim Spas

We are the distributor of Canadian Spa hydro massage pools and Swim Spas in Croatia. Our Swim Spas are installed on terraces, roofs as roof pools, in gardens and wellness centres.

Let’s create a wellness area at home with a Canadian Spa Swim Spa. Swim Spas are a pool and jacuzzi in one and suitable for indoor installation, as well as outdoor installation on terraces and courtyards. Furthermore, Swim Spa pools are often installed on roofs. We offer Swim Spa massage pools from the well-known manufacturer of hydro massage pools Canadian Spa. Special swimming jets in the Swim Spa pool enable a strong counter current facilitating the possibility of active swimming in the pool area. While the whirlpool area is for relaxation. Swimspa hydro massage pools offer the functionality of a jacuzzi and a pool in a small space and are priced in the class of standard pools.

Installing a Swim Spa massage pool is quick and easy. It is necessary to have an electricity connection nearby the Swim Spa and to place the Swim Spa on a concrete slab. The Swim Spa pool can be used as a freestanding pool or it can be built in-ground. For details on Swim Spa models and other dimensions feel free to call us at +385 91 35 222 35

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