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Building a pool in Croatia

Planning to build a pool in Croatia? We are a leading pool contractor in Croatia and also representative of several quality pool equipment manufacturers. In Croatia we most often build pools of concrete, we will explain you the process and advantages below.

Construction of a concrete pool

The highest quality and longest lasting pool shell is of reinforced concrete. With reinforced concrete pool shells, it is important to reinforce the pool shell in a way that will meet the requirements of the load-bearing capacity calculation of the reinforced concrete structure, which depends on the construction site, shape and dimensions of the pool.

When building a concrete pool, the water-tightness of the shell should also be taken into account. The first phase in which this is achieved is the installation of an expanding (water stop) strip at the junction of the walls and the floor slab of the pool. In this way, the penetration of water is prevented because at the junction of two concrete bodies, the water stop strip expands in volume in contact with water and thus seals at the junction of the floor slab and the pool walls.

Concrete pool waterproofing

After the construction of the reinforced concrete walls, and before putting back filling around the pool it is necessary to hydro insulate the wall from the outside to protect the reinforced structure inside the concrete from effects of soil water, this is definitely necessary for ceramic tile pools.

Hydro insulation can be done with classic bituminous materials, bentonite waterproofing (Voltex), or polymer cement hydro insulation. Whatever type of hydro insulation you use, it is necessary to protect it from mechanical damage after installation, this is most often done with styradure (also thermal insulation) with a minimum thickness of 3 cm over which the plug membrane is installed. After this we can proceed to backfilling.

When backfilling the pool, care must be taken to fill in the bottom as well as above the pipes around the pool with fine sand (zero) in order to avoid damage to the pool pipes during backfilling, which can lead to pipe breakage and water loss. It is also important to lower all the pipes from the pool penetration to the floor slab on the hard to avoid "breaking" the pipes when the terrain subsides, or to make the pipe distribution through the concrete.

When properly constructed, reinforced concrete pools have several advantages:

  • Durability of the construction
  • Possibility of installing any type of finish (tiles, liner, epoxy paint, Aqua Bright, Pebble Tech)
  • Execution of the shape of the pool according to the wishes of the investor or designer

In concrete pools, it is possible to install all kinds of pool attractions, from countercurrent swimming, geysers, water - air massage jets, waterfalls, bubbling beaches, to lounges with fireplace and the like.

The construction of a swimming pool is a project that should be looked at in the long run, so it must be well executed, easy to use and maintain, while fulfilling its purpose. Therefore, a reinforced concrete pool is the most optimal solution in the long run and ultimately the most cost-effective.

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Custom-made pools

Each pool is a separate project and it is necessary to take into account the type, purpose, dimensions and location of the pool, so we approach each project individually.

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Equipping the pool engine room

We as the pool contractor, select and install the equipment in agreement with the investor or designer. The choice of equipment depends on the purpose and dimensions of the pool, and additional equipment that the investor wants to install.

Pool Finish

The finishing layer of the pool shell can be: ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, PVC liner, two component epoxy paint, Aqua Bright or Pebble Tech. The optimal type of pool finish depends on the purpose of the pool, budget and client’s preferences.

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