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Robot pool cleaners

The easiest way to clean hot tubs and pools

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Robots and automatic cleaners for swimming pools and whirlpools

A pool cleaning robot is an automatic pool cleaner that cleans the bottom and walls of the pool in a few hours. To do this, it uses suction power and rotating brushes that remove dirt from the pool walls. The pool robot collects dirt into an internal filter that is easy to clean after the robot completes the pool cleaning cycle. All pool robots are resistant to salt and chlorine. We offer Zodiac and Dolphin robots for automatic pool cleaning. In addition to the robots offered below, we can also offer other models.

Zodiac CNX 20

Zodiac CNX 20

Robot pool cleaner

Cleaning robot for pools up to 10 x 5 m, for all types of linings (tiles, paint, liner etc.).

Cable length: 15 m. Two cycles: bottom only (1.5 hours) and bottom / walls / water line (2.5 hours).

Filtration of dirt, even the finest impurities, thanks to patented cyclone suction technology and a large suction opening for up to 4 l.

Easy to clean the filter.

Fast and efficient movement and sensors for optimal cleaning.

Zodiac Boreal

Zodiac Boreal

Handheld spa vacuum cleaner for hot tubs

Boreal handheld vacuum cleaner for hot tubs.

Suction brush shape adapted to the curved lines of jacuzzi tubs.

Easy-to-use, no batteries or connection to the circulation system are required.

Easy-to-wash filter mesh.

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