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Pool covers and rollers

When the pool is not in use, it is best to protect the pool. Automatic roller blinds protect the pool from external influences. They maintain the water temperature in the pool, prevent the fall of leaves or dirt into the pool. They reduce the need for cleaning and reduce evaporation, which is the reason for falling water levels in the pool. 

They can be equipped with a safety lock that is placed on the opposite side of the pool.  

We offer several types of pool covers for your pool in Croatia, depending on the purpose of the pool cover, the type of pool and your wishes. When ordering a pool cover, we need the dimensions, type of cover and special shapes.

Automatski bazenski rolo pokrivac-sol-moon-Del bijeli

Above-ground automatic pool covers

Above-ground pool covers are very elegant and compact and are suited for small and medium pools. Automatic roller blinds are available in electric or solar version. The shutters are available in several colors and can be installed on existing as well as new pools. This type of pool cover is also suitable for non-standard pools e.g. pools with so called Roman stairs.

Mobilni bazenski rolo pokrivac-sol-moove O Del

Mobile automatic pool covers

If you are looking for flexibility, then choose a mobile roller cover for your pool. It does not need to be fixed to the floor, so no drilling is needed. When you want to use the pool from all sides, just move it. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum with an elegant look, one person is enough to install it. In addition, the automatic mobile pool cover is an environmentally friendly choice because it is powered by a solar panel built into the roller cover housing and it saves the energy needed to heat the pool water.

Automatski bazenski rolo pokrivac-rollinside Del ukopani

In-ground automatic pool covers

This in-ground automatic roller cover for the pool usually comes into consideration with new pools, but can also be applied to already built pools, it is desirable to plan it at the design stage though. It can be mounted on the bottom of the pool, under the edge or in the wall.

For pools measuring from 2.5 m x 3 m to 9 m x 25 m.

In addition to roller blinds, we also have movable platforms that cover the pool and serve as a terrace during the period when the pool is not in use.

Termo pokrivač rolo-sundown-DEL crni

Thermal summer pool covers

As summers in Croatia are quite hot, a summer bubble pool cover helps to protect the pool from excessive evaporation and heat loss. The simplest solution to reduce heat loss is a light floating thermal cover with bubbles, that is easy to put on the pool and easy to roll up. It saves energy and can reduce the development of algae. The cover comes on a mobile frame with manual or electric drive. It is also possible to order only the bubble cover without the frame. Available in multiple sizes.

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