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Equipping and maintenance of hotel pools and spas

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Construction and maintenance of hotel pools and spas and hot tubs for hotels and cruise ships

Many of our clients in Croatia are hotels. For hotel swimming pools, we install quality pool equipment that we select according to the pool’s purpose, number of users and dimensions. That is why we approach each project in an individual way. In communication with the designer and investor, we advise on the optimal equipment of pool technology and apply innovative solutions. We cooperate with scientific, technical and educational institutions and have extensive experience in equipping swimming pools for hotels, hotel spas and wellness centers and hotel hot tubs in Croatia. In addition to equipping the hotel wellness center, we design and install spa solutions for cruise ships, given the specific conditions and impacts of the sea to which pool equipment is exposed, we propose optimal and innovative solutions for hot tubs on cruise ships to simplify maintenance, reduce costs and facilitate the use of the jacuzzi on the boat.

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Construction of hotel pools

Construction of hotel pools with popular pool attractions. Equipment for commercial pools is intended for intensive use and meets the safety and quality standards applicable for public pools.

Renovation of hotel pools

Renovation and reconstruction of hotel pools, replacement of obsolete equipment, reconstruction of the engine room of hotel pools, replacement of equipment and replacement of pool lighting.

Maintenance of hotel pools

Replacement of sand in filters of hotel and public pools, replacement of filters in pools, replacement of pumps, replacement of other equipment and regular maintenance of hotel pools.

Equipping the hotel spa

Design, procurement and installation of hotel wellness equipment. Installation of professional whirlpools and construction of custom whirlpools.

Overflow jacuzzi for hotels

Supply and installation of professional whirlpools for hotels and spas. Equipping the engine room for a professional overflow jacuzzi.

Freestanding jacuzzi for hotels

Supply and installation of top-quality Canadian Spa hot tubs, of which we are the exclusive representative for Croatia. We have special jacuzzi models for rooms, terraces and balconies.

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Jacuzzi for cruise ships

Supply and installation of professional hot tubs for ships, yachts and cruisers. The installation of jacuzzis on a ship is specific due to the overflow of water caused by the navigation of the ship and the waves. That is why we have the necessary solutions to reduce water waste and frequent water changes.

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