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Elegant pool finish

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Elegant pool finish

AQUABright is a unique solution for the finishing layer of your pool. It is a granulate of plastic that is applied to the pool shell with a special machine, the applied layer dries instantly and the pool is ready for use immediately after applying AQUABright. The properties of this material are: it is quickly applied, the underlying layer can be any material (concrete, polyester, metal,…), easy maintenance, resistance to chemicals, high UV resistance, durability and pleasant to touch.

Compared to pool tiling or liner, it is much easier to maintain, durability is much longer, repair of possible damage is simpler and faster, no problems with falling tiles in the pool, no problems with algae, incomparable easier to clean and maintain. It is not necessary to keep water in the pool in the winter months. The company Gradnja Bazena is the exclusive agent and distributor of AQUABright Finish in this area.

The price of AQUABright finish is formed separately for each individual project.

AQUABright is the latest pool solution from the USA. Besides the quality of the material, AQUABright is very exclusive, and is available in a large choice of colors. The color of the pool does not fade over time and the color of the part above the waterline remains permanent.

We offer:

  • Construction of a complete pool with AQUABright finish. Pools can be overflow pools, infinity pools or skimmer pools.
  • Apply only AQUABright top coat to an already built pool.
  • Renovation of existing swimming pools.
  • AQUABright for the construction of a SPA or wellness center.

Pool renovation with AQUABright finish

You have an existing pool, but the tiles have fallen off, you have damage to a pool, or you want to replace the foil or liner on the pool. AQUABright finish can be applied to concrete, stainless steel, polyester and other materials, and can turn your old pool into a new one in just two days!

Designer pools with AQUAbright finish

Whether your architect designed the pool or you will hire our designer to design the pool, AQUABright can be very easily applied to the pool shell regardless of the shape or design of the pool. 

Solution for hotel pools

Zbog iznimne kvalitete, trajnosti i ekskluzivnog izgleda Aquabright je posebno prikladan za sanaciju hotelskih bazena, izgradnju hotelskih bazena, te kod izvedbe i sanacije spa ili wellness centra. Kontaktirajte nas dok ste još u fazi projektiranja bazena, te zatražite uzorak Aquabright završnog oblaganja bazena.

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